Who We Are

Africa Business Bureau is the first Tema-based startup hub with focus on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Ghana through the promotion of creativity, innovation and the provision of comprehensive training for entrepreneurs to create profitable and sustainable businesses of impact.

ABB provides entrepreneurs with training, coworking spaces and facilities to help incubate their business ideas and also accelerate their business growth through advisory and seed funding.

Our work revolves around connecting, engaging, educating, inspiring and bridging existing gap among stakeholders (i.e. investors, startups, International Development Organizations, Government, Regulatory and Compliance Organizations).

Our Mission

Exposing and connecting stakeholders within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to untapped opportunities in order to address Africa’s critical socio-economic challenges.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s leading hub of excellence.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure entrepreneurs and stakeholders are exposed and connected to untapped opportunities all around Africa.

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